Framed style Olive & Mussel

This kitchen is a perfect example of a true classic kitchen. It works perfectly with this room setting, with its high ceilings, ornate coving and chandeliers. This classic kitchen boasts all of the classic design details you’d expect to find in a kitchen of this period. Take the low-level open display area . with the double wine storage feature and intricate pelmet detail, it make the island a real feature in this classic kitchen. This design also features two beautiful display dresser units. They sit on the work surface and go almost up to the ceiling, with decorative open shelving crowning the dresser units.

On this particular design, the wall tiling has done really well. The tiles and kitchen furniture have been matched up perfectly for total continuity. Behind the the range oven, the tiles have been fitted with a diamond style just to add to the classic kitchen feel.


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Hallmark Kitchen Designs are renowned for our quality and taste. Each of our stunning kitchens has been designed, manufactured and tested for quality and durability. Our Kitchens have style and quality that will last. Our kitchen collection has been developed over many years with design freedom and choice in mind. Our Essential collection is available in 38 colours and 24 style, So go on pick a colour, any colour. We’re all different and our tastes and preferences vary, and so we’ve developed 24 styles for you to choose what suits you best; go on choose a style, any style. The rest is simple. you can have the Kitchen you want in the style you like with you own colour choice.

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