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Kitchen Project in Christchurch.

This Client was specifically looking for a kitchen company in Christchurch, or one that was near by. Like many of our clients, they understood, that to get the best value for money, quality products, and an unrivalled service, they would have to choose a local independent company for their kitchen project.

This beautiful Christchurch kitchen project Was completed in summer of 2023.

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Project Overview

In the summer of 2023, our team had the privilege of being part of a much larger refurbishment project that included an exceptional kitchen transformation for our valued client. This case study delves into the details of this remarkable kitchen project, showcasing the harmonious blend of design elements and superior craftsmanship.


Kitchen company in Christchurch

Design Concept

The heart of the refurbishment project was the kitchen, a space that required both functionality and aesthetics to meet the client’s desires. The design theme centred on a contemporary yet timeless look, which was realized with a combination of medium grey Shaker-style cabinets, accentuated by light grey Shaker furniture on the Island. What made these doors unique was their chunkier frame, adding depth and character to the kitchen.

kitchen company in Christchurch


To further elevate the kitchen’s appeal, we incorporated white veined Quartz countertops on the medium grey cabinets. This choice not only provided durability but also added a touch of elegance and brightness to the space. The Quartz countertops served as the perfect canvas for meal preparation and gatherings.

The main attraction of the kitchen was undoubtedly the island worktop. Crafted from a rare and exquisite material, it was made of Lava Flow Granite known as “Black Beauty” sourced from our esteemed partners at Cosentino. Our Client was very involved, and actually was able to pick out the particular slab they wanted for the island feature. This striking granite brought an element of drama and sophistication to the kitchen. Its dark, swirling patterns served as an extraordinary contrast against the surrounding grey cabinets and white Quartz worktops.

kitchen company in Christchurch

Cocktail Bar Area

To enhance the functionality and entertainment aspect of the kitchen, a dedicated cocktail bar area was seamlessly integrated. The design featured a sleek, Quartz-topped bar with a built-in wine cooler and storage for an impressive collection of spirits. This unique addition provided the perfect space for hosting friends and family, elevating the kitchen’s role as the heart of the home.


Neff appliances were chosen for this project, combining modern technology with a streamlined look. The client opted for a range of Neff appliances, including a state-of-the-art oven, induction cooktop, dishwasher, and an elegant built-in microwave. These appliances not only delivered top-notch performance but also seamlessly integrated with the kitchen’s design.


kitchen company in Christchurch


The result was a kitchen that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The combination of the medium grey Shaker furniture, the accent light grey Shaker furniture with a chunky frame, the striking Black Beauty granite island, and the sleek Quartz countertops created a kitchen that was both functional and visually captivating. The addition of the cocktail bar area brought a touch of luxury and social space to the kitchen, making it a perfect hub for entertaining.

The project showcased our commitment to delivering top-quality workmanship and our ability to harmoniously blend various design elements. It stands as a testament to our capability to transform kitchens into extraordinary spaces that reflect the personality and preferences of our clients.

In summer 2023, we not only completed a kitchen transformation but also helped create the heart of a home where memories would be made and cherished for years to come.


kitchen company in Christchurch


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